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Harvest Exceptional Hotel Revenues with INNtelligent CRM software

Assuming that every individual and organization uses the software of some kind, try to make it better. Having used computers and now smartphones over about three decades, the significance is quite clear. By maintaining records, automated tasks, instant communication and social media interactions along with trading, business and bookings, the list is endless. Why not assemble several of these functions for the hotel application to improve productivity, performance and revenues with the INNtelligent CRM dynamic software?

Enhancing personalized customer experience

Getting to know guests on a personal level and remembering their particular likes would be integral to bonding well and retaining loyalty. Research indicates that 69% of guests would leave otherwise. Guest wise, the CRM maintains a record of past visits and stays, favourite rooms and dishes and particular whims, much like online retailers like Amazon have customer inventories.

INNtelligent CRM

Hospitality is among the seven industries that use CRM the most, along with banking and manufacturing, to mention some others. We cannot imagine a company without routine record keeping, but this CRM is designed specifically for the hotel industry by experts in the field.
Along with guests who come to stay, eat and use the other facilities like the swimming pool, health and beauty club and shopping perhaps, the hotel does business with other companies. And procurement of raw materials for the kitchen, furniture and linen sellers along with the suppliers of liquor and maintenance agencies, etc.

A dual-purpose is served of keeping systematic records with companies and guests and consulting them with a few keys. It will be used on a daily basis. With security systems getting better, there is a remote chance of hacking or data manipulation, everything protected by passwords. INNtelligent CRM is like a little passport to success with significant meaning and multiple functions. While each body part may have vital services, the skin envelops everything like the CRM!

HR coordination and training

Especially for larger establishments like hotel and restaurant chains, unlike the past physical managers, the CRM plays an important role. Across branches in distant locations across cities and even countries, and even within the same hotel complex, a glance would reveal what is happening elsewhere. Coffee shops contacting dining halls and room services clarifying doubts with the reception would be possible in a moment. Text messages, audio and video, are all possible.

Though the digital world spread like wildfire, not every fresh employee may feel at home with the CRM. Presenting a detailed company history, wouldn’t the CRM be an excellent training ground? Though the basics are taught during catering college study, the realities of the industry are somewhat different.

INtelligent CRM

What to expect in the CRM software?

Compatible with the other existing hotel software like the PMS, the affordable Hotel CRM software would be user-friendly. Flexible and easy to navigate, well organized according to sections and headings, it becomes a boost to better performance and prevents stressful management situations. Several such CRM systems are available, serving a range of purposes. INNtelligent CRM would help the hotel purpose splendidly and elevate the organization.

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